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How are you surviving the start of the year?

Survival... I think that is the best way to describe what we are all doing right now. I have never been more tired or more busy in my life! I am sure you are feeling the same. Here are some ideas that might help! Collaboration is key: 🍎Consider using a Google Doc or Google Slides… Continue reading How are you surviving the start of the year?

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Meet the Teacher

Welcome back to school everyone? Looking for some ways to bring your VIRTUAL meet the teachers slides up to date? #3rdchat on Twitter just had a Zoom Webinar about this. Here are a few fun ideas: Step 1: Find a fun template. There are many templates out there. Here are a few that we suggested… Continue reading Meet the Teacher

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Teacher Wellness

Real talk time. I know that you are hearing EVERYWHERE about teacher wellness and how important it is. I am here to tell you, that teacher wellness is EVERYTHING you need right now. We are all burning the midnight oil and working harder than we ever have before. Virtual teaching, for those who are teaching… Continue reading Teacher Wellness

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Diverse Representation in Children’s Literature

We posted this graphic from this published source: https://www.slj.com/?detailStory=an-updated-look-at-diversity-in-childrens-books. What stands out to you? What stands out to us? I think to many people, the fact that animals (as of the date of this research and publication cited in the caption) have more representation in children's literature, than that of diverse BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and… Continue reading Diverse Representation in Children’s Literature

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Learning with Books: At Home Edition

OKAY - SO we have been home for umm... well I don't really count anymore. Let's just say, A REALLY LONG TIME! Anyway, I was not the best teacher mom *gasp* while I was teaching my class during distance learning for my third graders. There were many moments of "Go ahead an watch another episode… Continue reading Learning with Books: At Home Edition

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More than just “Back to School”…

Okay - let's talk. No, seriously! How are you actually doing? Are you okay? What can I do to help? What do you need? These are the questions we should be asking our colleagues come fall. The shutdown was HARD... there is no doubt about that. I want to make sure that everyone is doing… Continue reading More than just “Back to School”…

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Virtual Book Chats ARE FUN!

Hey Everyone! I highly recommend trying a 💬virtual book chat💬 on Twitter. I am currently participating in my SECOND virtual book chat and I 👏🏼AM 👏🏼LOVING 👏🏼IT👏🏼. Both book chats have been professional ones, but there are also personal book chats available on Twitter as well. I am the type of person who LOVES to… Continue reading Virtual Book Chats ARE FUN!

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#3rdchat Digital Learning Resources

Hey y'all! I know this teaching world is delving deeper and deeper into unknown territory each day. The Crazy Teacher Life blog, in collaboration with #3rdchat on Twitter, wanted to bring some ideas that were recently shared on our Digital Learning #3rdchat Twitter chat the other night. Hopefully you can find some ideas that will… Continue reading #3rdchat Digital Learning Resources

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Digital Learning Resources

What a crazy time we are living in right now? I want to make your life easier by compiling a list of digital resources for students and their families as more and more districts are asking teachers to post digital tasks, activities, and assignments online. Right now my district is on an optional online learning… Continue reading Digital Learning Resources