Digital Learning, Weekly Tech Tip

Digital Learning Resources

What a crazy time we are living in right now? I want to make your life easier by compiling a list of digital resources for students and their families as more and more districts are asking teachers to post digital tasks, activities, and assignments online. Right now my district is on an optional online learning plan, but is asking us to create plans for future digital learning. As I go through this process, I figured I would share some ideas with you.

**I will update and provide ideas as I use them for digital learning at home**

Here are some of my faves and how I plan to use them:

Morning Meeting

Each day I am creating a morning meeting video for my students so that I can connect with them. See my first one here!


Reading A-Z – Digital reading resource with many options for digital reading and learning. Right now, they are offering free Raz-Kids to schools. I will use this to assign and ask questions about texts on each student’s reading level.

True-Flix – Digital book and learning resource. Students can read non-fiction texts on a variety of topics, watch a video, and explore related resources on the topic. If you live in most states, all you have to do is go to your public library website and access using your public library card! PA Residents, go here and scroll down to the bottom!

Virtual #Classroombookaday – I have been posting videos to my families of #classroombookaday to allow kids to hear me reading and to share a book with them. Feel free to use them. I will post some examples here.


Xtra-Math – Online math fact fluency resources. Students can practice from home.

Multi-Subject Resources

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. – Offering free on-line access for schools closed due to the Coronavirus. So many great videos and activities for students to do while home. I plan to share different videos for kids to watch based on what we have learned in school.

Boom Learning – Boom cards are great because you can assign them and they provide instant feedback on how they are doing. It also provides you with information on how they did and how many times they attempted to do the boom cards. Right now they are offering free access for teachers as well. My grade partner and I LOVE THEM! You can search for free decks on Teachers Pay Teachers and then add them to your boom card decks. Super easy and super fun for kids. I plan to use them for “centers” practice at home.

NewsELA – A great resource for articles. As I explore the FREE Pro-version, during this school closure, I will post more ways I plan to use this. For now, I have downloaded the articles to share with students as a PDF and then had them complete the questions in a self-graded google form through Google Classroom.


Mystery Science – On-line science lessons with videos and at home activities to share with families. Right now, they have special lessons specifically designed for school closure and organized by grade! I plan to use this to engage students in science content at home.

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