Book Day Book Raffle

This is one my my ALL TIME favorite things to do with classes! Book Day Book Raffles! Whenever I send out book orders, I always take a look myself and use my points to get new books to add to my classroom library. When the books come in, it is RAFFLE DAY!

How does this work? All of the books I used my points to purchase are laid out on a table. I put a pocket underneath each book.

The students then write their name on a slip of paper that they will use as their raffle ticket. Whoever wins the raffle gets to read the book first. Students who “win” the raffle are able to keep the book at school for a week before they have to return it to my class library for others to read.

I ALWAYS do a book talk about each book and why I think each book is great. I also tell the kids to try something new, instead of just sticking with the same series/genres they are used to. I do the book talks because the kids often become excited about books that may otherwise be overlooked.

After the book talk, the kids put their slip of paper in the pocket under the book that they would like to read first. Then I randomly pull raffle tickets. If students do not win the raffle, and there are books left over with no “winner,” students with non winning raffle tickets can try again by placing their ticket in the pocket of an unclaimed book. I then pull these tickets.

The kids always enjoy this and understand that they may not always win. It is an exciting way to get excited about reading and build a culture of reading in your classroom. When I’m excited about books, the kids become excited about books… and isn’t that what we all want?

After the book raffle is over, I always give all of the students 5 minutes of silent reading time to start enjoying the new class books or to enjoy an old favorite.

I hope you will try this out the next time you get a Scholastic Book Box! Enjoy reading new books…in this Crazy Teacher Life!

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