Self-Reflection, Weekly Musings

Weekly Musings: Hmmm…

OOOOKAAAAYY! If you are anything like me at the start of the year, it is utter chaos in literally EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. Sorry for my absence in the past week, but as you know, the beginning of the year is insane. But in the midst of all of the craziness, it is super important to take the time for yourself. Yeah, yeah, I know people say this all of the time.

My hooray for the week: committing to going to yoga regularly again. I am aware that yoga isn’t for everyone, but do something good for your body. Take a quick walk or recommit to going to that fitness class you love. Your body will thank you later.

I have also been enjoying listening to podcasts that I like. There is a short 10 minute drive from my son’s pre-school to my school. Podcasts are perfect for short trips like that one. I can squeeze it in that short time and feel like I am getting some personal time to myself with something that I enjoy.

Most importantly, however, is that you must self-reflect, something that I am finding is really important this week. The beginning of the year is tough, especially in getting to know your students and building relationships, routines, and procedures. Some days, you may just want to pull your hair out or cry in a heap on the floor. But each day, take a moment to ask yourself:

Commit to this everyday, and you will be able to get through a whole lot. Maybe your one good thing is that a colleague came to help you out or a student made you giggle. Whatever it is, use this to energize you, or at least try.

Take some time for yourself and self-reflect… in this Crazy Teacher Life!

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