Weekly Tech Tip

Crazy Tech Tip #3

Okay, so if you are like me, you probably use the “snipping tool” fairly often to create documents or handouts for students. I often use the snipping tool to highlight something to parents in an email from my website or to share something with the staff at my school.

If you aren’t familiar with the snipping tool, on a PC, the icon looks like this:

The benefits of a snipping tool are simple… instead of using a print screen function, you can just “snip” whatever you want on your screen to insert and use in a document you are sharing. (Disclaimer: If you do so, please adhere to copyright standards and ONLY use for classroom purposes.) I also like using the snipping tool for other purposes that I will share with you in a future Crazy Tech Tip blog post.

Anyway, if you have been looking for how to snip on the Chromebook, it is almost as simple… Here is a quick how to handout:

Click on the image for a PDF copy of this handout!

Enjoy this Crazy Tech Tip and keep on snipping… in this Crazy Teacher Life!

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